Investment Loss and Securities Fraud

When investments go bad, investors and their trusted advisors turn to Michigan-based litigation experts Shea Law.

Shea Law is a leader in investment loss and securities litigation, with a proven track record of winning multi-million-dollar settlements and verdicts both in the state of Michigan and across the country.

Shea law brings more than 35 years of complex litigation experience to its investment loss and securities arbitration practice.  That experience is reflected in its outstanding results.  If fair value is not offered to its clients, Shea Law’s opponents know the firm’s attorneys will be trial-ready.

From $20 million class action cases to representing individual investors who have wrongly suffered investment losses, Shea Law represents each of its clients with the utmost commitment and zeal. The firm’s lead attorneys work closely with a fully-staffed team to ensure that every client, and every case, receives best-in-class representation.

Having successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants in cases of all shapes and sizes inside and outside of FINRA arbitration, Shea Law has an advantaged and holistic understanding of, and expertise in, this highly-specialized and complex area of the law.

If you suspect a problem with a savings, investment or retirement account, or private investment, and have questions regarding why you have suffered investment losses, Shea Law can provide a free initial consultation and a swift and strategic response.

Investment Loss and Securities Fraud Areas of Representation:

• Private investments/placements
• Annuities
• Investment funds
• Stocks and bonds
• Mutual funds
• Options
• Alternative products
• Retirement funds
• Insurance