Estate Planning

20 Years of Experience, 40,000 Estate Plans

Shea Law is a firm with more than 20 years of experience developing over 40,000 estate plans for clients throughout Michigan.

We are a pioneer in online estate planning and are one of the few estate planning firms in the country that can offer an entirely remote, online experience.

We have 15 physical locations throughout upper and lower Michigan and are primarily headquartered in Southfield.

Peace of mind documents that protect the ones you love

A standard estate plan consists of a revocable trust, last will, powers of attorney, and a funeral representative form. Together, these documents allow you to protect your family and control your legacy.

Choose guardians for your minor children
Business person deliberating
Decide who will inherit your property
Choose who will make decisions for you during a medical emergency
Keep your loved ones as far away from probate court as possible

Our Process

1.Initial Consultation (In Person or Online)

Meet with a Shea Law attorney online or at one of our 15 convienent locations for a no-cost consultation. We’ll talk about what’s the right estate plan for you and you can decide how to best proceed. 

2. Customize your Will & Trust

You'll choose who will run your estate and inherit any assets. You'll also choose who will become the guardians of any minor children should something happen to you. In the past, you would  complete your wishes on a paper worksheet, but our law firm has moved this process online for added convenience and ease.

Computer screen instructions

3. Sign your Documents

After we receive your wishes, your attorney will draft your estate planning documents. We'll meet again one more time to review your documents and then sign & execute them.

Online, Remote, Modern

Remote Meetings

We've been doing "tele-law" before it was a thing. We are more than prepared to service you over video conferencing and phone.

Online Estate Planning

Since 2016, we've been offering clients the opportunity to draft their estate plan online in collaboration with a Shea Law attorney.

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