Elder Law

Proactive Care

70% of Americans over 65 will need some sort of long-term care, although less than 20% of seniors feel they have the ability to pay for it. Medicaid will assist, but only if certain criteria are met.

Our elder law attorneys help you and your family successfully choose the best path for long term care, whether its medicaid or a combination of other strategies.

How we can help:

• Estate Planning
• Long-term care
• Medicare/Medicaid
• Guardianship & Conservatorship
• Disability Claims
• Elder Abuse

Types of Elder Law Planning:

Protection Plan

Who is it for?

• Those looking ahead to future   
       care needs

• Ages 50+

What it does:

Provides a preventative strategy to help protect your assets from the rising costs of long-term care, protecting and maximizing your financial legacy.

Life Care Plan

Who is it for?

• Loved ones in declining

• Individuals just diagnosed
       with a long-term illness or

What it does:

Protects the well-being of loved ones facing long-term illness or disability.

Crisis Care Plan

Who is it for?

• Loved ones needing
       immedate care

• Individuals who can no longer
        live safely in the home

What it does:

Makes immediate arrangements for a loved one’s long-term care and safety.