Business Planning

Mitigating Risk or Resolving Crises

Our business planning attorneys can help clients navigate the process of starting, running, and selling a business. This includes measures to ensure businesses run smoothly and avoid litigation, ranging from simple business adjustments to complex transactions. We also offer flat-rate corporate counsel services to small and medium-sized companies. Helping our clients stay out of court by limiting or preventing liability is a key element of our approach to business law.

Business Creation

Creation of LLC or corporation, funding new business into trust, EIN obtainment, S-Election filing

Human Resources

Employee agreements, restrictive covenants, employee handbook, independent contractor agreements


Leases, land contracts, promissory notes, purchase agreements, review of franchise agreements and vendor contracts

Annual Maintenance

Annual filings with the State, update of corporate minutes, shareholder and director meetings, company resolutions

Succession Planning

Estate planning, buy-sell agreements, sale or wind down of business

Intellectual Property

Filing of copyright, filing of trademark


Detection of litigation threats

Employee Wellness

BluHarbor Legal Plan, Seminars, Employee Estate Planning